NERF Big BAD Blasters 4.o

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NERF Big BAD Blasters 4.o

In this Build your toy Nerf Blaster challenge video GunVsGun sets up Big Bad Nerf Combos and our two brothers get into a funny Nerf War gun bros style! Only problem, these nerf guns are impossible to shoot accurately with so things get out of control fast!

This is Vol. 4 in our Nerf Big BAD Blaster series! And YES this used to be BIG A$$ Nerf Guns series but due to YouTube adpocalypse situation we had to re-brand it to NERF Big BAD Blasters. Family friendly no swears funny clean comedy fun video for everyone to enjoy! Sooo, yeah, click and watch BANG 4.o!!

Nerf Blasters used in this video:
Nerf N-Strike Rapidstrike & Nerf Modulus Regulator Blaster!

Danny grabs the Nerf Rapidstrike and builds a nerf blaster by using multiple Nerf Modulus Barrels along with a few other cool nerf attachments.

Tommy uses Nerf Modulus Regulator clips in Modulus Barrel attachments and adds a few extra nerf combos to build his epic blaster.

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